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Meet the Creator

Kalitara owner Cindy Sepulveda holds a card out featuring her business logoCindy Sepulveda discovered her love of color when she was just 10 years old. Gathering fabric and drawing clothing on the porch of her Los Angeles home, she knew one day this passion would translate into a direction in her life. Pursuing the traditional dreams of success, she was blessed to create the best art there is, 2 beautiful daughters named Kallista and Tarah. As the years went on, she felt the gravitational pull to be true to her childhood dreams of working with colors and textiles.
Deciding that she had accomplished what she needed to in the traditional world, and remembering the promise she made to herself back then: Be strong, be tenacious - and stay determined. She decided then and there to finally put her dreams to work. Kalitara was born.
"I am beyond grateful to those who have supported me throughout this journey; you have been my inspiration".